Highlights from the latest impact report

This report presents the data for our Cohort 4 participants, who took part in our year-long programme in 2019-2020.

  • Participants made significantly higher applications to Oxbridge than would be expected

  • 10x the number of participants who were eligible for Free School Meals applied to Oxbridge than would be expected

  • Participants who were eligible for Free School Meals progressed to high-tariff universities at a rate almost 2x the national average (6% vs 3.4%). 

What we do

Universify's Year 10-11 programme focuses on supporting our participants to develop in the three main areas which we have identified young people require to reach higher education:

  • Educational confidence and goals

  • Educational attainment

  • Self-belief, i.e. overcoming the assumption that university is not a place for ‘people like me’

Developing educational confidence and goals

Our impact evaluation shows that

  • Almost all participants gained knowledge about university through the programme

  • There is an increased likelihood of participants applying to highly-selective universities after the programme

  • There are significantly high applications to Oxbridge and the Russell Group universities from our participants

For more details on these findings please see the full report from 2023.

Raising attainment

Our impact evaluation shows that our Year 10-11 programme benefits participants' GCSE attainment.

Our 2023 impact report found that after completing our year-long programme, 86% of teachers of students from Cohort 6 (2021-22) ‘agreed’ or ‘strongly agreed’ that Universify benefitted their students' GCSE attainment.

For more details on these findings please see the full report from 2023.

Growing self-belief

Our impact reporting shows a qualitative change in participants' self-belief through their testimonies.

Our participants' testimonials show the positive impact the programme has had on their own self-belief that they not only can apply to university, but a highly-selective university. They have gained confidence in themselves and embraced the experience, which appears to have given them some control over the decisions they make for their educational journey.

For more testimonies please see the full report from 2023.

Impact report

We measure our impact annually to evaluate progress towards overcoming the barriers to higher education and achieving our mission. Our impact report highlights what we can do to improve and refine our programme to make it as successful as possible.

Our latest report is on Universify students' university destination data, as part of the 2024 impact report.

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